6 Celebrity-inspired Ways to Wear a Headband

The most flexible hair accessory is hands-down, the headband. Braided silk, embellished crystals, printed fabric, chain links, or satin ribbon- they come in lots of styles. These celebrity-inspired looks are the perfect inspiration on how to wear our favorite hair accessory in tons of creative ways. So dust off your headbands and wear them in different ways you may not have already tried!

1. Zooey Deschanel is fast becoming a fashion icon in her own right with her quircky, retro-indie sensibility, not to mention the focus of major hair envy. She rocks bangs like no one else and tops them off with just the right amount of accessorizing. A thin sparkly headband creates a fun little anchor for a 60’s bump.

2. LC keeps reinventing how she wears headbands to keep them looking fresh and new.  She dresses up her trademark long, wavy locks with skinny bands worn on the crown and sometimes adorned with flowers. Her look is always simple but chic with one major statement piece, can't go wrong.

3. Wear the headband like Nicole Richie, the queen of headbands! This lady can rock a headband like no one's business. With bangs or without, a gypsy chain link headpiece seems to be her favorite. Her style can be described as boho-chic.  Her effortless style gives us the confidence to try something outside our comfort zone.

4. Call it preppy or sophisticated, the headbands sported by Blair Waldorf, played by Leighton Meester, from Gossip Girl have taken over! She wears the headband in feminine fabrics like satin, silk and chiffon tied into bows or in a knot low on the neck. Blair shows us how to wear an elegant headband like a lady.

5. We all know Mary Kate Olsen to be quite the head-to-toe fashionista. She loves the more avant-garde designer hair accessories and incorporates them into her daily casual wear for an eclectic statement. We've seen her introduce the turband, a cross between a turban and a headband, worn low on the crown. Her style says, stop being matchy-macthy with your hair accessories and just have fun with it!

6. Taylor Swift always looks like she walked out of a fairy tale. Her style is  whimsical and romantic. She likes to adorn her perfect ringlets with a crystal embellished headband or a big silk flower headpiece. Ever the role model for soft, pretty hairstyles- we can learn a thing or two from Ms. Swift. 

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