7 Bridal Hairstyles to Suit your Personality

You're in the midst of planning your wedding and one of the most important things to check off your to-do list is deciding on the picture-perfect hairstyle that will suit your personality. It’s important to look and feel like yourself on your wedding day, that is, the most beautiful version of yourself! Show off your best features by picking the right hairstyle that will put you and your personality in the spotlight. Read on to see which bridal hairstyle is perfect for you!

1.  Casual Romance. This hairstyle is softly up-swept with tender texture in just the right areas. There’s nothing big or exaggerated about it because you’re not one to over do it in the beauty department. If you love cute chick flicks, love receiving flowers and your favorite color is in the pastel color scheme you’ll most likely be comfortable with a softly, curled romantic updo.

2.  Classic Elegance. There’s nothing like a sleek well-put-together updo and no one recognizes that better than you. You like classic movies, brunch at your favorite French bakery and love to pair pearls with red lipstick. You’ve dreamt of your wedding day since you were a little girl and you’re not one to fall into trendy fads. For you, classic is the way to go. A French twist or variation thereof will be just right.

3.  Vintage Glam. By-gone eras and everything glamorous they left us with scratch you right where you itch. Faux bobs, beautiful headpieces, and a vampy lip is your ideal beauty look. You enjoy lace, frills, and the occasional thrill of a beautifully embellished garment that is just right for the perfect occasion, like your wedding day. Try a glamorous Marcel wave or a pin curled hairstyle to compliment your dream wedding dress.

4.  Trendsetter. Your ideal wedding day is full of designer names, modern furniture pieces, and pops of color. Your fashion sense shows in everything you do and others envy your style! When it comes to picking your bridal hairstyle nothing but the top trends seen on the runways will do. A sleek and perfectly executed top-knot is simple yet right on-trend. The top-knot calls attention but not in an obnoxious way.

5.  Pretty Chic. This hairstyle is wedged right in-between casual and elegant. You’re all about balance in everything that you do. You like statement pieces but only in the right context. You’re a girly-girl at heart but don’t over-do it with tons of pink, opting instead for a chic palette of carefully selected washes of your favorite colors. A side ponytail, slightly disheveled in all the right places, is all that is needed as a backdrop to that ethereal headpiece you carefully picked out to compliment your white dress.

6.  Statement. You go all out in everything you do, whether it’s work, play, or beauty. Everyone’s expecting the party of the year on your wedding day. You’re all about sequins, studs, and shimmer. A statement hairstyle such as a retro-inspired pompadour with a modern edge is your ideal look. It speaks volumes, matching your bubbly personality.

7.  Au Natural. You appreciate the loveliness of simplicity. You’re an earth child at heart, and rather spend half of your budget on whimsical florals than expensive shoes. When it comes to beauty you like a glowing appearance that mimics how you overwhelmingly happy you feel on the inside. You like your hair best with a natural wave and most likely parted down the middle. For your wedding day you expect to look like the most natural, beautiful version of yourself. A half updo with a couple of fresh flowers is all it takes. 

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