4 Wedding Dresses and 4 Hairstyles

That big day you’ve been dreaming out is coming up. All the planning and shopping is paying off, you’ve found the perfect dress but now you’re stumped on how to wear your hair so that it perfectly suits your style. We’ve chosen the top four most popular dress necklines and paired them up with the hairstyle that will both flatter and show-off the detail of the dress as well as your beauty.

La Sposa 2013 via Wedding Inspirasi   | Sullivan Owen Florals 

1.  Strapless-

The strapless dress is quite possibly one of the most popular necklines for a wedding dress that suits brides of all styles. The strapless dress is daring, feminine and sophisticated so picking the right hairstyle is crucial to capture its sensibility. The overall most flattering hairstyle for this cut is half-up. This style is the best of both worlds. A bit of volume at the crown with cascading curls or waves that fall softly around the shoulders will create a romantic glow that will have your new husband smiling ear-to-ear.

Jenny Packham 2013  | Claire Pettibone via Wedding Chicks 

2.  Delicate Sleeves-

Graceful flutter sleeves, whether lavishly embellished or just with a hint of playful chiffon, have been gracing the dresses from some of the top wedding designers recently. This cut has a vintage flair that should be paired with a hairstyle that is just as fanciful. A delicate side-do, one that flows softly from one side, adds asymmetry in an interesting way.

Rivini 2013 via Style Me Pretty  | Hair & Makeup by Steph 

3.  High Neck/Detailed-

If you’re heart gravitates towards all things detailed your dress already speaks for itself and needs little else to be paired with it. A refined updo will flatter this cut best. Either a sleek top bun or French twist will leave all eyes on you and your beautiful neckline in full view. If you want to add even more detail to your overall beauty look add an intricate braid at the crown or woven throughout your bun for an interesting visual aspect.

Temperley London 2013 | Jordan Byers via Joy Thigpen 

4.  Low Back-

A sexy exposed back is audacious yet gentle and leaves just enough up to the imagination. If this is the style you’ve chosen you most likely want to play it up as much as possible. If you have short hair think about long extensions that will playfully graze your spine in voluminous waves. Wearing your hair down says you are confident and embrace everything about being a new bride. 

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